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Cavallino Comics is back!
After a long pause, certainly unintentional, we are pleased to inform the many fans who have followed and supported us in previous editions of the international competition for cartoonists Cavallino Comics, that we are back.
And with a completely new look!
Having abandoned the old idea of the classic contest, we are now definitively moving to digital, transforming the classic concept of a local exhibition into an international showcase.
The primary aim of the new Cavallino Comics is to provide the many illustrators with a place where they can meet and where fans can easily follow the authors they already know and appreciate and consequently discover new talents and new artistic proposals in an ever-evolving creative world.
To do this, we thought not only to create a web space where each participant will have a personal page that will collect the submitted work.
but to enter it in a fierce competition where the art work will be carefully evaluated and a winner designated.
The winner will not only be rewarded for his or her talent, but will above all be assessed on the basis of the creativity, innovation, expressive capacity and involvement that his or her work will be able to express, regardless of the author's age or reputation.
As proof of the artists' commitment we will produce a free digital publication containing the work judged to be the best, a publication that will also have a printed version distributed on the main online platforms (Amazon books, Feltrinelli, Ibs books, Streetlib, etc.)..
The winner will also have the honour of seeing his or her artwork used for the cover of the book and will receive thirty free hard copies that he or she can use for personal promotion.
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Associazione Culturale Editoriale Unicorn
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